<aside> ⚠️ If you are using our new Shopify Source. You’ll need to follow our 3.9 Headless Onboarding Guide.


Implementation Guide


Part 1: Add GTM, Data Layer and Listener

Add GTM and Elevar’s Non-Shopify Attribution script to all site pages

Part 2: Push Data Layer Events

Implementing the Data Layer

Part 3: Debugging Events

Validating Data Layer Events

Misc: (Optional): Transforming Data Layer Events

Transforming Data Layer Events

Misc: (Optional): Setting a Custom User ID

Custom User ID

Misc: (Non-Shopify Checkout Only): Checkout Funnel Data Layer Events

Implementing the Checkout Funnel Events Data Layer

Additional Reading

Generating the checkout URL

🚨 Review some important issues common to headless implementations here